The Sea Song



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Arman Allakhverdyan
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Arman Allakhverdyan

I was born and raised in the city of Baku. In 1990, when I was only 10 years old, my family and I were forced to leave our hometown to begin a new chapter of our lives in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. There, I learned to utilize a painting brush as a form of free and honest expression to display my true self for myself and my dear spectators. My artwork quickly captured me and became a great way of life.

In Dnepropetrovsk, I was blessed with my two wonderful sons. In this city, I was first recognized and honored as an artist. This place is dear to my heart and holds some of the most precious memories of my life, which are often the subject of my many works.

If a sense of great taste is capable of leaving a warm and cozy savor and if a sense of smell is able to preserve a memory of a lifetime, then a past has a memory for an artist that can be appreciated as a priceless visual treasure of images, ideas, emotions and impressions.

For instance, if a gorgeous lady, who is “wrapped” in a pricey perfume, were to pass by me, the breathtaking trail of her aroma would continue to attract my senses, hinting at the fact that her wonderfulness was somewhat meant for me as well. And long after this lady were to disappear around the corner, the memory of her presence would continue to remain within me, allowing me to liberate it in a bright display of certain significant colors on my canvas.

All of my works are painted using oil on canvas. My technique and choice of tools are dictated by my mood and creativity on that particular occasion. For instance, works created with a paint brush are often lyrical; the ones done using a palette knife are typically expressive. Despite some academically established standards, I frequently choose to disregard them by combining the use of graphics with my art representations. I don’t consider this to be rebelliousness; instead I regard it as a need for self expression. When my work is complete and I am able to convey my intentions on canvas; when I can sense the understanding, smile and appreciation in the eyes of my beholder – is not that the achievement of the ultimate satisfaction and honor of recognition of my righteousness?


«Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.». Albert Einstein

From 2003 – member of Dnepropetrovsk city public creative organization of artists and master of folkworks “Vernissage”.

Leading artist-curator of galleries of Dnepropetrovsk center of Armenian culture “Varduhi”.

Personal exhibitions in Ukraine:

Novaya Kakhovka, Art Gallery Gavdzinskiy A.S. (25.03.2012 – 02.06.2012)
Dnepr, Hall of the hotel “Dnepropetrovsk” (25.07.2013 – 01.10.2013)
Dnepr, JSB “Clearing house” (23.10.2014 – 07.11.2014)
Dnepr, Armenian cultural center (03.11.2014 – 17.11.2014)
Ivano Frankovsk, Gallery "Bastion" (01.06.2015 - 30.06.2015)
Museum of Ukrainian Art (26.04.2015 – 26.05.2015)

International exhibitions:

Turkey. Ankara: Bilkent center AVM (08.02.2014 – 10.03.2014)
Turkey. Ankara : Esenboga International Airport (14.11.2014 – 01.12.2014)
Hungary. Budapest: Westend city (03.08.2014 – 14.09.2014)
Hungary. Budapest: Armenian cultural center (20.09.2014 – 28.09.2014)
Bulgaria. Obzor: Hall of the hotel “Tropikano” (06.06.2015 – 15.06.2015)